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Tired of having to pick from a Menu of predetermined “packaged solutions” and having to adjust your IT strategy and needs to suit the package?

With TNW Networks Data Centers Enterprise Cloud Solutions, we work closely with our customers to design an Enterprise grade cloud solution that fits YOUR specific requirements. Should you require a fully private, hybrid or community cloud, we are flexible in accommodating your needs.

How are we different?

TNW Networks Data Centers’s cloud nodes reside in our own Regional Data Centres and National (and US) Network, which is monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Centre. This architecture enables us to provide cloud solutions in disparate geographic locations; minimize network latency; and perform backup or replication within our cloud nodes -- all on-net. From basic colocation facilities for Primary and Disaster Recovery Data Centre needs, to Custom-built clouds for hosting (SaaS), to Data Replication/Backup/Archive, TNW Networks Data Centers can tailor a solution to meet your IT goals.

Cloud Storage, Backup and Archive options

We offer On-line dedicated or shared Cloud Storage, Backup and Archive solutions, so you no longer have to perform local tape backups to ensure the restoration of lost data. And your data is stored in Canada. Thanks to our cost-effective private network link from your location to the TNW Networks Data Centers Cloud, you will also enjoy the secure network transport of your data. (Please check for availability to your location.)

Connectivity options to our Cloud Storage

  • Storage Controller-to-Controller configuration, Real-Time or near Real-Time Data Replication
  • Our cloud storage array can be integrated into your Active Directory. A dedicated or virtual server will be provided where required
  • Windows DFS File Server Replication
  • Dedicated backup server/appliance, such as, e.g., Hitachi Data Ingestor at the customer end configured for automatic archive after hours or weekends
  • Brand agnostic backup software solutions, including Support for Symantec, Commvault, Falconstor, etc.
  • Data recovery, rehyradation of Primary Storage from off-site backups
  • Standard Internet protocols, including FTP/HTTP/WebDAV/SSH

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a hardware platform to deliver a fully-managed application, such as hosted email services for Microsoft Exchange or VMWare Zimbra services. Our IaaS can also be used for Production, Overflow or Test/Dev requirements. Our Virtual Private Servers are delivered on HP Servers, VMWare or Hyper-V and your choice of Enterprise grade Operating Systems.

For more information on how TNW Networks Data Centers can help you with your Cloud initiatives, please Contact Us today!

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