TNW Networks Data Centers


Secure Access and Monitoring

We provide clients with 24-hour access to our data centres, which includes an all-hours access card to enter the building and a unique five-digit PIN to enter the data centre. Video surveillance cameras provide continuous monitoring throughout our facilities, while our experienced operations team monitors the network and data centres on a 24/7/365 basis.

Redundant Power and Cooling

Our data centres feature two main power feeds distributed to each electrical room, providing balanced power distribution throughout all TNW Networks Data Centers facilities. An appropriately scaled back-up diesel generator ensures that clients enjoy the safety and security of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), while HVAC units provide a consistent operating temperature and redundant cooling throughout each data centre.

Range of Cabinet Options

We offer lockable quarter, half, and full cabinet, as well as provide customized data suites with multiple AC and DC power options to choose from. UPS power is available upon request.

Fire Suppression

Our data centres have a non-combustible raised floors and dropped ceilings, enabling safe and efficient wiring. We have deployed dry pipe pre-action fire suppression systems to safeguard our data centres in the event of a fire. If a fire is started, water is not released immediately. Sensors will isolate where the fire is located and water will be deployed in the affected area. Fire extinguishers are also located throughout the facilities.

Multiple Layers of Network Redundancy

Network uptime is of paramount importance to us and a big part of our commitment to you. To ensure we can deliver on our superior Service Level agreements (SLAs) we’ve put multiple layers of redundancy into our network and data centre architecture.

  • Transport Network Fault Tolerance – A national wavelength transport network with Eastern and Western rings provide fault-tolerance in case of fibre break between any of our 50 national Points of Presence (POP).
  • Peering Uplink Diversity – Multiple Internet peering connection points and peering partners provide geographic and peering redundancy nationally.
  • Power Protection – All data centres have diesel generator back-up as well as DC batteries. All network equipment is DC-powered which allows for greater up- than traditional UPS time in case of hydro or generator failure.

24/7 Network Monitoring & Support

To ensure that we are aware of any potential network problems or deficiencies, site and equipment alarms are monitored 24/7/365. Technical staff and/or mechanical contractors are also available seven days a week to address network issues.

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