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Unlimited local calling
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited VoIP calling within TNW’s local call coverage area
  • 60 minutes of free calls in North America
Unlimited region calling
  • Local calling plan, plus:
  • Unlimited VoIP calling to anywhere within your province or state
Unlimited Canada and USA
  • Local calling plan, plus:
  • Unlimited VoIP calling to anywhere within the continental US & Canada

Long Distance

TNW offers traditional long distance dialing direct from your phone line, even if your phone line is provided by another supplier. Direct dialing, no access numbers or “10-10” systems, with a convenient monthly bill. No need to purchase calling cards any more, you can benefit from TNW’s low national and international call rates.

Virtual Number Services

Have friends and family in another city? Another country? With TNW virtual number services, you can add, for a low monthly fee, unlimited calling from your friends and family by providing them a local phone number to call, which rings your home or mobile phone.

Inbound Fax to E-Mail Services

Tired of having a dedicated phone line just to receive faxes? And most of them are promotional junk-faxes? Replace your fax machine and fax line with a fax-to-e-mail service, for only $ 9.95 per month. incoming faxes are converted to an image file and sent to an email address (or multiple e-mail addresses) of your choice for printing (or deleting!).

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