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Business Phone Solutions

The way you communicate with customers can have a big impact on your bottom line. Helping you find new ways to connect, collaborate and communicate is what we do best.  Supported by  a national voice network, you get a comprehensive set of communication options that maximize your savings and give you the freedom to stay connected across Canada and around the globe

We have millions of IP-switched minutes of experience under our belts and pride ourselves in ensuring crystal clear dial tone all the time. TNW supplies local lines over IP (VoIP) utilizing fully IP-enabled handsets from major providers such as Cisco and Linksys. These are full-featured lines including all standard features and are very cost effective against traditional analog technologies.

Full features IP Line

Full  features phone line including:

  • Find-me-follow-me
  • Call forwarding
  • CommPortal access
  • and more

For businesses that want to maximize their investment in an IP phone system, SIP trunks provide secure PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connectivity over a dedicated Internet connection.

At TNW, we utilize Cisco/Linksys as well as Quintum ATA’s to ensure scalability and reliability for IP trunks delivered to your existing legacy phone system. TNW also has experience with other ATA hardware and can personalize a hardware configuration to meet your compatibility requirements.

Basic SIP trunk

Features including:

  • A dedicated two-way connection for voice services
  • 5 call paths
  • Basic calling features

Local Line Services supports both Ground and Loop Start Basic, Enhanced and Multi-line applications for companies requiring analog voice services. TNW’s analog voice products and services are delivered over national fiber networks. Analog lines are typically utilized when requiring fail-over solutions for all-IP voice applications, as well as for when faxing, alarm system and modem applications are required over legacy hardware.

Analogue Lines

Phone line:

  • Ground and Loop Start Basic
  • Enhanced and Multi-line applications
  • fail-over solutions for all-IP voice .

Traditional Voice Services

If you’re still waiting to uprade to a new IP phone system you can still maximize your savings with our suite of traditional voice services. Extend your market reach beyond your backyard and control your costs with TNW Long Distance, Toll-free and Calling card services.

Increase market reach:

Marketing your business beyond your doorstep is easy with toll-free service from TNW. With no monthly fee and pay-as-you use pricing, toll-free is a must have when expanding your market.

Improve customer service:

Offer your customers one easy way to reach you. Take advantage of our vanity number search to find a number to fit your business.

Manage your workforce:

Take advantage of our area-code and time of day routing to ensure the right customers reach you when and where you want.

Regardless of your current voice service provider, we can provide long distance services at our low rate competitive rateswithin Canada and the US and international destinations.

With flexible billing options and lower rates, our long distance solutions are a great way to stretch your dollar and improve communications.

Long Distance Features
  • No hidden fees
  • Billing in 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds
  • Flexible call detail reporting
  • Project, account and authorization codes available
  • Great rates to over 200 countries worldwide

TNW offers a full featured reservationless conference call service that allows hosts to initiate conferences on demand. Each moderator is assigned an individual pin and can invite as many participants as they choose. The conference bridge is available 24 / 7 / 365.

Whether colleagues and clients are a few rooms over or clear across the continent, TNW Conferencing service helps you better collaborate and share ideas.

Stay connected with clients and colleagues when travelling in North America or to over 80 countries worldwide. Use your calling card to avoid overpaying on hotel phones or collect calls.

The TNW Calling Card is attached to your TNW account and can be used by designated employees for calls originating within Canada and the US. National and International calls are charged to the corporate invoice at TNW rates. When using the TNW Calling Card, personal home and mobile phone lines can be suppressed replacing call display information with your company name and phone number, ensuring employee privacy.

Calling Cards Features
  • Direct, hassle-free access from over 80 countries worldwide
  • PIN protection prevents fraud in the event your card is lost or stolen
  • Speed dial your 8 favourite numbers

Convert incoming faxes to a .tif image file sent to one or multiple e-mail addresses. Significantly reduces printing costs and improves distribution to multiple team members.

Long Distance & Toll Free Services

TNW offers national and international long distance services over IP as well as traditional switched networks,

Inbound Phone Numbers from over 50 Countries

TNW offers international forwarding numbers (known as “virtual phone numbers”) from over 50 countries. These phone numbers can be forwarded to existing IP or analog lines anywhere- they do not to be in the same country of the inbound virtual number and are forwarded without long distance per minute costs- one monthly fee for unlimited usage. This service is ideal to reduce toll free costs when your business has significant call volumes from a particular city anywhere in the world.

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