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TNW Networks Corp. (“TNW”) and its subsidiaries or affiliates want its customers to feel secure and confident in today’s business environment respecting the information our customers provide to us. Below we outline the standards we strive to maintain.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information is any information about an “identifiable individual” including information regarding ethnic background, religion, marital status, medical, employment, and education. Information published publicly such as listed telephone number, address and name is not considered to be personal information.

Why is Personal Information Required?

In order for TNW Networks to provide service we request some personal information such as the age name, address, and Social Insurance Number of the person applying for service. Although, TNW Networks may request a person’s Social Insurance Number, they are under no obligation to provide such information. This is information is used to verify if the you or the customer is of legal age, and meets our credit requirements. Such information is also used to provision, maintain, and bill TNW Network sservices. Provision of a Social Insurance Number is optional.

Basic Principles for the Protection of Personal Information


TNW Networks recognizes the importance of managing and maintaining the security of personal information of our customers and employee in our custody. Our staff is trained in the handling of confidential information ranging from the collection of, response to questions and concerns, and the use of such information.

Sharing of Personal Information

TNW Networks will not share personal information with any other company except as permitted by law or unless TNW Networks has obtained written consent to do so.


TNW Networks asks our customers only for such information as is needed to provide and maintain services. Information collected is used to

  1. initiate and maintain a service relationship
  2. invoicing, accounting, and security administration; and
  3. to promote TNW Networks products and additional services.


We will obtain the individual’s express consent to the collection of personal information that we require. Express consent may be given verbally or in writing, including by electronic means. Consent may also be withdrawn by our customers subject to any applicable legal limitations, by contacting us at the address noted below Customers should note however that withdrawal of consent previously obtained may inhibit TNW’s ability to provide products or services to the Customer.

Limiting Collection

TNW Networks will only collect personal information from you if you voluntarily provide it and if required for the purposes noted above. There are different modes of giving and collecting different kinds of information:

Personal Information

      Examples of this type of information includes information about products and service subscriptions and usage, but does not include information such as a public telephone directory listing of your name, address and listed telephone number. Personal information may be obtained from our customers verbally, in writing or electronically.

IP Address

      An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a special address that is assigned to each computer connected to the internet, it is the standard by which computers talk to each other over the internet. When you visit the TNW Networks web site we collect some information about the way that you use the web site. When the TNW Networks web site is visited we collect your IP Address so that we know where to send the requested information, however, the IP address does not identify you personally.

Anonymous Information

    When you browse the TNW Networks web site, our servers collect certain information about your visit, but not about you personally. TNW Networks collects information like what pages are visited, what content is downloaded, the type of web browser you used, and the level of encryption that is supported by your browser. TNW Networks uses such information to monitor statistics, such as: which pages are being visited, which sections of our site are most frequented, and how many people visit and return to our site. This information is collected to determine how we can improve on our site and no individual personal information is collected.

What are Cookies and how does TNW NetworksUse Them?

A cookie is a text file that contains a unique identifier in the form of a number that identifies the browser you use to our computers. Cookies let TNW Networks know which pages are being visited, by how many people, how long they stay on a particular page, and other statistics that are useful in relation to the use of our site. These statistics are used to help TNW Networks understand how our site is used and how it may be improved. TNW Networks does not combine information that is gathered with the use of Cookies with any personal information we have collected. The use of Cookies is an industry standard and is used by most major web sites and most browsers have been set up to accept them. However, you may set up your browser to accept, reject or notify you when a Cookie is sent. If you do not accept Cookies you may find that you are unable to access some of the websites that you wish to visit.


Personal information in TNW’s custody shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than the purposes for which the information was collected or use reasonably consistent with such purposes, unless consent has been given for such new uses. The exception to this commitment is where the use is authorized by law or where disclosure is as required by law. Other than where required or authorized by law TNW Networks will seek written consent to disclosure of personal information. If TNW Networks finds it necessary to transfer personal information in our possession to a third party such as contracted agents involved in the delivery of installation and repair services to our customers or agents involved in the collection of customer accounts for TNW Networks or supplying TNW Networks with credit information about a customer, the transfer of such information is completed according to a contractual relationship with the third party recipient to ensure those in receipt of the information maintain the confidentiality of such transferred information.


Information will be held only as long as it is required to fulfill service obligations. Once information is no longer required it is to be disposed of or made anonymous.


TNW Networks uses commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information it collects is accurate, complete and up to date.


Information is safeguarded against loss, theft and unauthorized access according to the sensitivity of information.


Information regarding TNW’s policies and practices relating to personal information is made available to individuals upon request by contacting us at the address noted below.

Individual Access

Individuals or customers may want to review or verify personal information held by TNW. There may be a minimal charge to obtain the information requested. In some instances personal information will not be disclosed such as:

  • If it contains references to other persons
  • It is subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege
  • It contains TNW Networks confidential information
  • It has been destroyed due to legal requirements or because TNW Networks no longer needed to retain the information for the purposes for which it was collected
  • It is too costly to retrieve
  • It cannot be disclosed for legal reasons

Should TNW Networks be unable to provide access to personal information an explanation will always be provided.

Protection of Children On-Line

The privacy of children is important to TNW. We encourage parents to review our Privacy Policy and our Web site Conditions of Use and other documents where applicable available on our websites.

TNW Networks asks that minors do not submit any personal information to us. Our services are only available to individuals who can form legally binding contracts. TNW Networks does not use web sites to intentionally collect or use a child’s personal data.

Links to Other Web sites

TNW’s web site may contain links to other sites that are not governed by this Privacy Policy. The links used in this site may be to those of our business partners, vendors, and other agencies. Please note that TNW Networks is not responsible for the privacy policy and practices of the linked sites. It is important to note that when you click on one of the linked sites, you are leaving the TNW Networks web site and entering into a different web site and environment. We encourage you to read the new site’s privacy policy to ensure that you are comfortable with their standards and practices.

Updating the Policy

TNW Networks strives to stay up to date and be current with issues concerning our customer’s privacy interests. TNW Networks may update or modify this Policy from time to time to meet the demands of ever changing technology and Customer expectations, so please review the Policy periodically.

Challenging Compliance

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy and the use of information, please address these concerns to us in writing to the address below:

TNW Networks Corp.
Privacy Officer
1210-200 Granville St,
Vancouver BC V6G 1A5

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